Lillington Pantry

Lillington Community Pantry is open on Thursdays and Fridays, 11am to 3pm.

If you are a local resident in Lillington, or the surrounding area, struggling to make ends meet we can provide help with food and other essential items. Our friendly and supportive team will also be on hand to help and signpost you to local support services, giving you the additional guidance required to overcome your individual situation.

You can request to join The Lillington Community Pantry by calling 01926 350 800 or emailing You will be contacted by a member of our team and invited to visit the Pantry to complete a Membership Application.

Our team will help you complete the Application Form, and you'll be informed before you arrive of any documents that you'll need to bring with you. After you've completed your Membership Application, you'll be given a Membership Card and can start shopping at the Pantry.

You can visit the Pantry once a week. It costs £5 each time you shop at the Pantry. If you require extras, such as toiletries, there will be a small additional cost.

Every 3 months, you'll be invited to a review with a member of our team. Your Membership runs for 6 months and can be renewed.

What sort of food do you provide?

We aim to provide food from across all food groups including a wide selection of store cupboard essentials, chilled, frozen and fresh fruit & vegetables. A small selection of cleaning products and toiletries will also be available for a small additional charge.

Warm Hub

Lillington Community Pantry's Warm Hub is open on Friday Morning from 10:30am til 12pm. This gives members an opportunity to sit down and chat over a hot drink. This gives members an opportunity to build community and relationship with others. The team are also on hand to provide information around energy saving tips, contact details for organisations such as Act on Energy, CAB, NHS prescribers etc, or any other organisations that people may want to engage with. For more information, visit