Our Community Pantries aim to provide a medium to long-term solution to help individuals and families facing food insecurity. We’ll assist people to engage with services that resolve the underlying causes of their individual situations.

We provide food and wrap around support for a small membership fee of £5 each time the Pantry is accessed.

Referral to a Community Pantry can be made by the individual in need or through Doctors and Medical Clinics, Social Services, Welfare Teams in Schools or Advice Services.

At the Community Pantry we will carry out an initial assessment to help identify a broad range of holistic support available. Once you become a member of The Pantry you will have the opportunity to select from a choice of food each week for 6 months.

We aim to provide food from across all food groups including a wide selection of store cupboard essentials, chilled, frozen and fresh fruit & vegetables. A small selection of cleaning products and toiletries will also be available for a small additional charge.

The Community Pantry is a collaborative project between Feed The Hungry UK and Warwickshire County Council.